Arely's Story – How Creativity is Transforming Her Family


Meet Arely, a beloved member of the BJM community who is an inspiration to her family and all of us. She is one of our dance moms and part of our Mothers’ Brunch. Arely has two girls and one boy, and her 7-year-old daughter Allyson attends our dance classes.  Here is what she shared during an interview at our CREATED Summer Social about the impact dance has had on her and her family.

“I first became involved with BJM through a friend whose daughters had been regularly attending dance classes. I later found out BJM is a Christ-centered organization and loved the fact that they teach the girls to listen to Jesus. The staff is also very attentive.

I also began attending Mothers Brunch every Thursday. My older daughter Yanesly also enjoys hanging out at the Well on Thursday afternoons during dance. She enjoys the coffee and feels very safe there.

Creative expression is transforming my family. Allyson’s confidence has grown through dance, and she has been inviting all her friends to join her.  She even convinced one of her friend’s moms to come to the Well and enroll her daughter for the summer dance program. At home, she loves taking one of my scarfs, playing music and trying to choreograph her own a dance. You see, she hopes to be a professional ballerina someday.

My husband enjoyed seeing Allyson prepare for the recital. Each time she practiced her moves, or expressed her nervousness and excitement for the recital, he shared in her experience. On the day of the recital when he saw all the girls dance, he said it was like watching David dance in the presence of the Lord. This was the first time he had ever attended one of our daughter’s recitals.

My daughter’s life is being transformed by engaging with BJM staff and volunteers. They attentively listen to her dreams and provide resources to make them possible.

My hope is that the programs at BJM would never end and always be available for the families in the neighborhood. I also hope that one day, BJM would open up a professional ballet studio with a stage so that the girls can have a place to perform. I would like to see other moms become part of Mothers’ Brunch and that different cultures would be represented.”

Arely’s words were very encouraging to our team at Because Justice Matters, and we hope they are inspiring to you as well.  BJM programs such as dance and the Mothers’ Brunch have a huge and lasting impact on families and future generations. For information on how to get involved, please email or donate here.



“Creative expression is transforming my family.” Arely

Thank you to our generous financial supporters, volunteers and prayer partners for making stories like Arely’s a joyful reality.  

Tate Callejas