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Because Justice Matters is building pathways to brighter futures for women and girls in urban communities.  Oftentimes, women and girls encounter obstacles like poverty, isolation, and exploitation that can be difficult to navigate. Through relationship, we remind them of who they are, we show them possibilities they may not be aware of, and we provide creative ways to move forward. Dance classes, Nail Day, and small healing groups are just a few examples of what we offer to create an environment where new opportunities are realized.


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Because Justice Matters began as a simple dream to address injustice faced by women here in San Francisco. Our founder, Ruthie Kim, had been living and working in the Tenderloin district of the city for 8 years, witnessing the exploitation and isolation of the women she was reaching.

In 2008 we started working towards raising awareness of issues of trafficking and domestic violence, presenting to churches, youth groups, local schools and colleges. Towards the end of that year we launched our first Nail Day Outreach on a small table on the sidewalk and began developing our outreach to women and their families.

We started as a small team, taking small steps, and have gradually gathered momentum. Since then our services have grown to include street outreach, case management, parenting classes, mothers' breakfast and much more. We are firmly rooted in the heart of the Tenderloin community, serving women and girls for over 10 years.

We believe in genuine relationships that are built over time, with a commitment to help women make choices that build a better life for them and their families. We want to see hope and dignity restored to every victim. We want to see systems change that benefit the abused and not the abuser. We want to see justice for every individual and every family. We are committed to the small steps that offer simple solidarity to someone in need as well as the large leaps that seek to end injustice and hold the guilty responsible.


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We are a hope-filled, Christ-centered ministry. 
We believe community creates space for healing, growth and thriving.
We experience communion with God by expressing ourselves through creativity.
We witness God’s love bringing restoration and wholeness.


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Ruthie Kim

I'm a girl from a small village in the English countryside. My teen years were marred by self-hatred and fear, but God set about a transforming work in my life that freed me and gave me a passion to help others. At 18 I entered full-time ministry and traveled around the globe ministering in some of the most challenging urban contexts. It was in these brothels, slums and dark streets that I felt like I found my purpose. 

I'm passionate about women, justice, urban communities, and how they all intersect. I'm convinced that as women expand into leadership and develop their prophetic voice, we will see an incredible movement of God that brings His kingdom in fresh and dynamic ways to our cities. 

God’s heart is especially attuned to women who have experienced neglect, abuse and exploitation.  Jesus wasn't hesitant to love women who had needs - in fact he sought them out. That's why I started Because Justice Matters. To love women and girls so deeply that they would know their value, find their healing and be restored to a thriving life.  

For almost two decades San Francisco has been my home. Here I met and married my husband and gave birth to two special boys. We are committed to being an urban family, serving and loving one another and the community around us. 

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