CREATED: Celebrating Creativity, Community, Transformation


The multi-colored dandelion is the perfect graphic for the BJM CREATED 2017 summer social. It symbolizes how many unique seeds can spread, bringing art and creativity to new reaches within our community.

Yes, the dandelion can be considered a weed. To some, the Tenderloin seems like a neglected weed-patch of a neighborhood. But at BJM, even against a backdrop of economic and cultural adversity, we see a vibrant, diverse community full of life.

Through the consistent work that began in 2008, seeds have been carefully planted, watered, and nurtured by BJM staff, volunteers, donors and supporters. And now, these seeds are starting to flower!

Here are just a few ways we are seeing lives and futures transformed:

  • Girls in our dance program who lacked confidence a few years ago are now choreographing and teaching the younger girls dances which tell stories of hope and encouragement, that God “knows their names.”

  • Women from Nail Day have formed a close-knit group of friends to support one another and share life together weekly at Chit Chat Café.

  • Arabic-speaking women in ESL are not only learning to speak English, but are finding their voice in the community.

  • Hispanic moms have embraced our ESL ladies, extending invitations for food, fellowship, and deeper cross-cultural understanding.

Our CREATED event on June 1 st was inspired by these and other stories that highlight the connection between creativity, community, and transformation. The word CREATED reminds us of our origin as a people designed by God to actively participate in His vision for transformation.

Art is an important expression of our identity as co-creators. The very act of making music, spoken word, being a dancer, painter, photographer demands faith and taking risks. It is thrilling and contagious, elevating our shared humanity.

This year’s CREATED event draws in the people and their stories, not just of the women and girls that we serve at Because Justice Matters, but of the community around us, that supports and inspires us. Each artist invited to participate has a unique story. The ballet dancer, the song writer, the spoken word artist – all are on this journey with us.

CREATED 2017 is our way to showcase how art transcends entertainment, as a way of honoring and celebrating a creative God who transforms. Please join us on June 1st and experience the different facets of creativity that flow through BJM by purchasing your tickets now, with our special VIP Code that won’t last much longer!

Tate Callejas