Hear from a Summer 2019 Trainee

Summertime is unique here at BJM. Regular dance programs are on hold until the fall, staff are excitedly preparing for Family Fun Fest in August, BJM families and staff are venturing to the beach, and EdenMade is celebrating it’s first anniversary of outreach. Filled with pause and transition, we use summer as an opportunity to reflect on the year’s progress and refine its current direction.

My name is Jada Fox. I am a senior English major at Westmont College and a summer Leadership Development Intensive Trainee with BJM. In June, I had just returned from spending my junior year of college studying abroad in the United Kingdom, Israel-Palestine, and a handful of other countries. As my year of travel and study came to a close in May, I longed to return home and work towards something meaningful before heading into my final year of schooling. Then I discovered BJM.


This summer I felt kindred to the work, staff, and community connected to BJM. Both BJM and I were in a transient position. As I resettled into life in the United States, BJM was moving forward to the transition between summer and fall by celebrating growth in specific ministries and planning Family Fun Fest—the big finish to our summer, happening on August 17! As a trainee, I jumped into each branch of BJM ministry. From EdenMade prayer walks and outreach, to summer dance camps, to manicures at Nail Day, and even some operations projects behind the scenes—I saw all sides of BJM and re-grounded myself in community and faith after a busy year.

Stepping into EdenMade ministries in particular was an incredible joy. The first day of training with BJM, I joined the intercession team and was struck by the glowing faces of volunteers who returned from outreach. At the end of July, after participating in a second outreach night, I helped lead a prayer walk for EdenMade Experience Night. The event marked EdenMade’s first anniversary of outreach and allowed volunteers, supporters, donors, and others interested in EdenMade unique insight into outreach with EdenMade. Even though I only served with EdenMade for a short time, I was honored to step into the community of support as we gathered to look towards another year of expansive ministry.

Want to be a part of that expansion? Consider contributing to our Summer Splash campaign! Every donation is a droplet that sparks a ripple effect, enabling us to continue building pathways to brighter futures for women and girls in our neighborhood. We’d be honored to have you partner in ministry with us!

Interested in being a trainee like me? Click here to learn more! The staff is always so excited to welcome fresh faces aboard for a season.

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