What Starts as a Gift Bag Soon Sparks a Relationship

Here at BJM, we’re all about reminding women of their inherent worth. We want each woman in our community (and in the world) to know that she doesn’t have to prove anything to earn respect, that she deserves to be treated with dignity because she is loved exactly as she is. One way we express this is through our EdenMade outreach.

Every month, we roll up to local strip clubs bearing carafes of coffee and wheeling a cart of gift bags packed with homemade cookies, handwritten notes, makeup, nail polish—only the most high-quality products because the ladies who will receive these gifts deserve the best! If the bouncers and managers allow, we personally deliver a bag to each woman working in the club. If she wants, we sit down and pour her a cup of coffee. It starts with a gift bag, and it soon becomes a relationship.


“If I’m being honest, I was a bit skeptical of this outreach at first,” says Annie Sears, who has volunteered with EdenMade for six months and recently joined BJM as a trainee. “What would I do if some random people showed up at my workplace with cookies and nail polish, saying they appreciate me? I’d be like, ‘Um, thank you?’ and go back to work. That’s not the case in the clubs.”

When a woman working in a strip club is on the clock, nobody takes the time to ask her how she’s doing. She’s hustling to meet demands and please customers who see a product rather than a person. So when we approach a woman by name, she’s often eager to take a breather and chat.

We have such fun conversations, filled with laughter, encouragement, and vulnerability,” says Annie. “I’ve met few people in my life with as much charisma and drive as these women. They work long, late hours at a difficult job. And on top of that, many are mothers or college students. Their resilience inspires me. It’s such an honor to hear their stories and their dreams.


As an EdenMade community, we want to make sure every woman working in a strip club feels empowered to pursue her dream, whatever that may be. Studies show that 89% of women in the sex industry wanted to get out, but didn’t feel they could leave for any number of reasons. Each woman deserves viable options, and she deserves to be supported as she leads her own life, living fully and freely into her true identity.

We’re just there in the clubs to meet women where they’re at,” says Annie. “We want to connect them with the resources they need to thrive, and we want to walk alongside them on that journey, affirming who they are and celebrating every step of the way.

When you support BJM financially, you’re making it possible for us to gift these ladies the tiny, beautiful things that reflect how beautiful they are. We’d be honored if you partnered in ministry with us through a donation to our Summer Splash campaign. Your donation is the droplet that sparks a ripple effect, making it possible for us to spark relationships.

Want to volunteer with EdenMade? Mark your calendars for our training on Saturday September 7th! In the meantime, we need people to join our outreach prep team. If you love baking and brainstorming ways to bless others, this is for you! Contact edenmade@becausejusticematters.org to learn more.