Inviting God to Write Our Stories

This season of the Tribe has been my first, and therefore my favorite thus far. As the months and years go on, I know it will stick in my mind and my heart as a foundation to priceless relationships I have with our precious girls that make up BJM’s leadership development group. These girls come as they are, wide open and real. All our backgrounds and stories may be extremely different but a love of dance is our common ground and connecting point. One of our focuses this season has been creating a dance to showcase at the fundraising gala called Invest In What Matters


A few weeks ago we had a pivotal dance class. It started off with a sluggish group of girls on a hot Tuesday afternoon who were not all that enthusiastic about getting in dance drills. I stepped out of class for a moment and prayed, “Jesus, I know that You have something for all of us today, please tell me what it is.” I stepped back into class with whiteboard markers and a change of plan for our schedule that day. The song we are dancing to is called “Write Your Story” and is all about asking God to write the story of our lives, surrendering all that we are into His hands and trusting Him. We sat down in a circle and prayed that God would tell us what He is writing, and what He wants to write in our lives.  Then with music softly playing in the background, we started writing on the dance mirrors words that God was giving us.  What was about to unfold has built hope and faith in me for what God is at work doing in our lives.

This wasn’t just a few minutes of some creative expression exercise, this was a powerful, bold declaration and prayer from our hearts. Tears welled up in my eyes as I saw the girls purposefully writing words with growing confidence and authority. It didn’t take long for the mirrors to fill up with prophetic utterances. We stepped back and looked at it as an artist would look at a finished work, and then it hit as we were looking at the mirrors we saw ourselves, and the words we had written reflected back on us. These weren’t just hopeful scrawls, these weren’t far off dreams, God is already clearly writing these all in our lives, in our hearts, one dance step at a time, one brave move after another. He is writing our stories, we just need to have eyes open to see it, and hearts open to embrace it.


We believe that part of the story that God is writing in our lives involves you, and the story He is writing in your life involves us. Would you please consider buying a ticket, making a bold step in the direction of being a part of what we do in this city and allowing God to use this event, this moment, to be part of the story He is writing in you. We promise it’s a good one.

Tate Callejas