Almost 20 years ago I received a word that changed my life.

I was attending a Christian Summer camp with my youth group and during one of the main sessions the preacher saw me in the crowd and asked me to stand up on my chair. Surrounded by a room of awkward teens, I gingerly stood on my chair. I had no idea what was about to happen.

He proceeded to give me a prophetic word, an encouragement that he sensed was from God. I’d never met this man before and he knew nothing of my life. It was a confirming word about a significant change ahead for my life, and in that moment I remember feeling completely seen and known by God. The word reminded me that I was loved, had purpose and was being invited into a grander story of adventure with God.


Fast forward years later and I still recall that memory with detail and poignant emotion. It was a defining moment that left its mark on my soul. Though it was a word for my future, it was also a word about my past. It was a call to be the person God created me to be – the person He had in mind from the very beginning. The original me. The person he formed in my mother’s womb.

When God defines us it’s timeless. His truth about us is eternal, and no one can change it. We may not fully grasp it, or we may fail to remember, but that doesn’t change it’s power in our lives. God has one continuing commentary that He speaks over us. It’s a story of being chosen and delighted in. It’s a tale of having a purpose that will affect eternity. But it’s not fiction – it’s the only story that matters. Because it’s the real story. The eternal story.

“When God defines us it’s timeless.

His truth about us is eternal,

and no one can change it.”

Most of us find it hard to live into God’s story about us. Our whole lives we’ve written our own narratives, and developed our own understanding about who we are and our purpose in the world. Dismantling those false stories takes time and continued effort towards self-awareness. But every time we lean into and live into God’s story, it’s etched a little deeper into our souls.

Every nail painted at Because Justice Matters, every ballet shoe slipped on and every community meal prepared is a reminder to our women and girls to live into who they really are. Affirming their value and purpose. It’s the same invitation that Jesus extends to all of us – join Him in bringing transformation and healing to our communities by living into His original story for our lives.

Sometimes we need to look back to move forward. Back to the very beginning, past our mistakes or regrets, to find the One who is the only person who can truly define us. My life was never the same after that word when I was 16 years old. It was the beginning of a journey to discover the original design Jesus had in mind when He first created me.

What’s God’s true story for your life? Maybe you’ve lost sight of who He calls you today, or maybe you never knew. Perhaps nobody ever told you that what you bring to the world is unique and cherished, but today Jesus wants to take your gaze back. Back to His design for you. Back to His dreams for you. To remind you that you are loved, you have purpose and you too are invited into a grander story of adventure with Him.

Let’s seek Him today for words of life. Allow Him to revive vision for your life, and for the women and girls of San Francisco. To become more involved with the work Because Justice Matters is doing in the Tenderloin, please click here.

Tate Callejas