Raising Up Leaders


Our girls need to know that they are leaders whose voices matter and have influence. Their words are important. Powerful, in fact. We want to provide a place where their ideas and creativity are welcomed and encouraged. A place that invites our young dancers to walk in the fullness of their identities in Christ. Chosen. Treasured. Set apart.

“It simply took someone believing in me, reminding me of who God says I am, and then confidently passing me the baton.” recalls one of our dance teachers and intern, Karriyma, whose hard, young life took a turn when God placed believers in her life that poured into her and spoke truth, identity, and purpose.

In a broken community that discourages and limits our girls’ desire to lead, we seek to break down the barriers and shine light on those blind spots. Two of our dancers  who started attending our Sprouts Dance Class 2.5 years ago, have now graduated into the older girls’ Roots class.  This transition has been a smooth and rather beautiful one. While they still participate in the younger class, these two now serve as teachers’ assistants and wear distinct black skirts that indicate their leadership position. Our staff and volunteers have observed how our new TA’s  help and encourage the younger students.  “It’s so precious to see them boldly walk over and show patience and love as they are now teachers themselves.” says Talita, a BJM volunteer. 


Leadership development plays such an important role in the heart of BJM. It simply starts with tuning our girls’ hearts to see themselves through God’s eyes. “Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.” Proverbs 11:14

Through intentional relationship building, it is our responsibility to step out of the way and make room for our students to encounter God’s radical love, which leads to a purpose-driven life. When they volunteer to pass out snack or insist on cleaning the dance floor mirrors, we acknowledge their leadership efforts and celebrate them by giving out “Honor Points”. 

These young girls are not only gifted teachers who help new dancers, but have become powerful intercessors speaking prophetic words in prayer and serve as bold leaders who share their faith at school. These girls are world changers and it’s a privilege to be a part of the work God is doing on the dance floor and in their hearts.

Tate Callejas