Open Space, Open Hearts


We had our first Mother’s Breakfast at The Well. Three moms came, each with a daughter in dance class. It was a wonderful beginning, showing us the potential of what can happen when moms are given a space to relax and open their hearts in a safe environment. We began in prayer with one mom offering to pray for the first time ever in public. Her prayer was very reflective of a grateful, open heart.

As we shared a delicious breakfast,  the conversation revolved around favorite foods to cook and make. From there, the conversation turned into deep heart issues of how to raise their daughters in their home culture and this environment. They talked of trying to break off some of the negative influences modeled in their families and give their children the affection, strong self image, and confidence they need.

Most of the conversation was in Spanish, as they shared deeply from their hearts with one another. It was a powerful time of peer mentoring. The most amazing thing about the time was the opportunity for one mom to share her heart and wisdom. In the past year Magdalena has spent hours talking  to me about how she has never had friends and didn’t know how to make friends nor relate easily to people. On that morning she found her voice and confidence. From her mouth came such deep wisdom and understanding of how to parent her children; the other moms listened and gave feedback. It was one of those “awesome” times of knowing Jesus was right in our midst as walls came down, hearts opened up, and three women who had never talked before created a bond — because they had a space they felt safe in.

*names have been changed for the protection of the women and children of our community

Tate Callejas