Deeper Than Dance


God works in marvelous ways. Even through dance. Something so seemingly simple can have a life-changing impact. Each week, a BJM staff member or intern prayerfully chooses a topic and prepares a devotional to share with the young girls. After a fun-filled dance practice, our teachers and volunteers gather together with the girls for not only snack time, but a time of fellowship, prayer, and teaching of God’s word. During those 15 minutes, our young dancers are reminded of who God is, who He says they are, and most importantly how deeply loved they are by Him.  They leave knowing that their heavenly Father delights in their dancing, but even more so…in them. “There is something so powerful in sharing a common love for dance and the Lord.” says one of our interns and dance teachers, Karriyma. “Our girls see our choreography, but watch our example. We hope to teach them how to be young ladies who love the Lord and have their identity rooted in that, rather than in dance ability.” Volunteers and staff alike shower The Well with prayer before the dancers even walk through the doors with a time of intercession. We pray that the Lord will work through us to serve and teach these young girls well.  And are intentional about praying over the devotion that is being taught that day. Using stories and examples that are easy to understand, it sparks the girls to ask questions and learn more. Every Thursday our dancer’s come pouring in knowing that The Well is a safe place to be themselves and trust that we not only care about growing them in dancing, but purpose to genuinely love all of who they are. Each week, we have a blast and the dance studio echoes with laughter. The joy that floods this place is truly contagious. But as much fun as it is, it’s also a place to grow physically in dance, as well as spiritually in Christ. Some of our young dancers like to volunteer to open up in prayer before starting practice. Or choose to encourage their fellow dance team members with kind and uplifting words. We pray that our young girls will take the lessons they learn in the dance studio and apply them at home or at school. And as proud as we are to see them acting in love and growing in ballet, jazz, and hiphip…our ultimate goal is for each young girl to desire an intimate relationship with their loving Creator. This week our wonderful staff member, Cassandra Duft, taught an incredible message on identity. She also shared the gospel and 13 of our young dancers committed to follow Jesus! What a beautiful thing! God is teaching them something much deeper than dance. His love.  And our sweet young girls are growing in their true identity as: Encouragers. Helpers. Leaders. Dancers. Daughters of the King.

Tate Callejas