The Right Thing at the Right Time

Many in our BJM family donate items to our ministry. Polish and supplies for Nail Day. Bath gel or body lotion for hygiene kits or warm socks for cold feet.


Ever wonder what happens to those donations? Sometimes, kindness on the giving end becomes a little miracle on ours! Often, your gift is exactly the right thing at the right time!

Recently, a friend from Revive Church dropped off four pairs of shoes. Shoes are like gold here in the Tenderloin.

So on Monday Nail Day we had four pairs of nearly-new shoes. Three women came in with cold, uncovered feet just the right size!  Yes!

Then another friend donated five “hoodies” –  sought-after warmth during San Francisco’s damp, chilly fall weather.

The next Nail Day, four women asked for sweatshirts! The fifth hoodie was pretty, blue and a size zero. Who wears a zero? Then, in walks Sarah wearing a thin sweater. She’s officially a size ZERO!  And the little, blue hoodie fit her perfectly.

Finally, on a  Sunday, another friend handed us 2 big bags stuffed with hoodies, work-out pants, camisoles with built-in bras and warm, long-sleeved shirts.  My first thought was, Looks like we’re in for a cold spell.  I wonder who will need these tomorrow?

Mid-way through a busy, high-energy Nail Day, a special woman named Andrea came in. She was confused, dirty, and so, so happy to see us.  Hugs, prayers, and cups of coffee welcomed and calmed her. She smiled and hugged in return.

Then Andrea said, “My pants are wet. Do you have any dry ones?”

One of the BJM staff accompanied her to the bathroom, only to discover she had wet and soiled both herself and her clothing. Her body was filthy and open sores were apparent on her feet and face.

Andrea needed just about everything. First, warm water and soap. She’d lost her shoes somewhere. No socks. No underwear. From the skin out, everything went into the trash.

Then, we remembered the bags of clothes! Minutes later, Andrea had warm, soft pants. A pair of socks. A camisole with a built-in bra addressed the no-underwear problem and a long-sleeved shirt and hoodie meant she would be warm on the street that night.

Finally – remember the four pair of shoes and three pairs of cold feet? Well, the fourth pair was still waiting. For Andrea. They were cool, purple, and fit her like Cinderella’s slipper. Perfect!

So, to all those givers in our BJM family we say “Thank you!” Thank you for taking time and remembering the women of the Tenderloin. Thank you for gifting us with everything from toothbrushes to warm clothes to the make-up or scented lotions that make women feel feminine and special. Thank you for being part of the miracle that is BJM.

Tate Callejas