Experiencing the Healing Power of Jesus

At Because Justice Matters, prayer guides our ministry. Through prayer, we determine the theme of each new quarter, and through prayer, our staff is equipped with specific lesson plans for every dance class.

Each dance class starts off with a short devotional and prayer session that leads into the dance portion. This quarter, we felt to teach on stories of world-changers. We wanted the young girls to hear about amazing people and their feats, and thus inspire them to explore such possibilities within their own lives.


We recently introduced the girls  to Jesus, specifically diving into His miracles supernatural nature. One week we read the Bible story about a paralyzed man who asked his friends to lower him through the roof of a house so Jesus could heal him. Through his incredible faith, the man met Jesus and was healed to walk again!

While praying through how to encourage our girls to live in that kind of faith, we felt to pray for healing over any ailments that the girls bring up. That same week, teacher Gabby had been experiencing a sharp back muscle pain. Despite visits to a chiropractor and masseuse, the pain was still present. Even during class, she couldn’t turn her head without moving her entire body.

Teacher Cassandra asked the girls if they believed Jesus could heal this pain. “Yes!” they shouted. Each of them laid their small hands on Gabby and prayed. “Jesus, Miss Gabby is in pain right now, will you come and heal her?” Their requests were as sincere as they were simple. And sure enough, the pain went away!

Prompted by this miracle, a girl named Lucy mentioned that she wanted prayer over her ear infection. Cassandra prayed for healing- and Lucy said it felt better! She then pointed to an “owie” on her leg, her am, and different ailments all over her body. We were moved by how deep her faith could be, that she would ask to be completely healed. She acted on the belief that Jesus is Healer today, just as He was then; He follows through on promises of who He says He is.

Nowadays, anytime someone has a tummy ache or their feet hurt, our class is quick to lay hands on them and pray for healing. Miracles are a real, everyday part of their lives. These girls are little powerhouses of faith, and it is a joy to be there and walk with them.

Tate Callejas