The Tenderloin neighborhood offers few women-only locations that provide a welcoming, safe place to rest. It is vital for our ladies to have a place to avoid the hassle from men seeking sex or companionship, escape the chaos and violence of the streets, and have a place to retreat to when tired or afraid.

Every week we open our doors and welcome 30 to 40 women for a free manicure outreach. Connecting with a lady over a hand massage is invaluable, as we listen to their stories and desire to build long-term relationships. Ladies walk through our doors after a long day in prostitution, seeking a break from pimps and customers. Most of our ladies are isolated and afraid, as they deal with various forms of mental illness. Their traumas range from childhood sexual abuse, severe violence, homelessness, and prostitution.



As regular faces wait in line for our doors to open, our Monday nail outreach is more than just a brief break from the streets; manicure Mondays has become a place where community has been built. With art projects surrounding a table, women share ideas and encourage each other in their efforts. Their stories of children, partners, and hopes for the future are not uncommon conversation, and create opportunity to seek and discover God in a non-threatening way. Every woman is offered prayer by our staff and volunteers on Monday afternoons. For many, these few hours comprise the only family time they know. For all, this is their community. This is their safe place.

We are currently looking for female volunteers for our Monday manicure outreach.

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